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So Here It Is - An introduction to - Lifestyle - Blonde Sartorial - A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog by Bec Oakes

So here it is, my first time writing for the love of it in longer than I can remember and the first post on the new Blonde Sartorial. And, what better time to begin this venture than September; a well-known marker of clean slates, fresh starts and that back-to-school feeling, regardless of whether education is currently a relevant part of your life or long in your past.

I once saw Elle refer to September as the “thinking person’s January” and, after the long lazy days of summer, I’m sure it’ll be a shock to the system, but I’m ripe and ready to embrace the change. In just a few days I’ll be returning to the University of Manchester to start the final year of my bachelor’s degree in English Language but this year the starting-over mood has resonated with me in a much deeper way and I’m channelling the back-to-school spirit to reinvent myself in all areas of my life.

I’m doing up my top button (figuratively), trying a new hairstyle (literally) and, most importantly, pursuing my passions more attentively than ever. That includes blogging. I’ve done it before, halfheartedly trying to make an impression on the blogging world, sporadically posting content that was both uninspired and uninteresting. In the spirit of September, I’ve decided to break away from all the crap and start again, writing authentically about my passions for fashion, travel and everything in between.

And one final note – I’d like to welcome you to my space in the blogosphere. I sincerely hope it will bring you as much joy as it brings me!

Peace and love, Bec

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